Band Indonesia Go International

Band Indonesia Go International is a major rock and metal market, and has long supported local scenes. It’s also home to a growing number of bands that are unafraid to take a stand against the status quo, whether by embracing traditional Sundanese music or by creating new, experimental sounds.

Indie music has thrived in Indonesia, thanks to small record labels, gig organizers, collectives and tight-knit communities. It’s impossible to pin down what Indonesian indie sounds like, as artists are always finding their own style.

VoB Band Indonesia Go International

Indonesia’s music scene has a strong DIY spirit, with many venues offering young artists a platform to play. This has led to a wave of Indonesian acts going international.

Among the most exciting is VoB, an all-female metal band from Garut in West Java. Their songs have been featured in international media, including the New York Times and the BBC.

The band, whose name means “noisy” in Sundanese, has been performing together since 2014. They are composed of Firda Marsya Kurnia (vocals), Widi Rahmawati (bass) and Euis Siti Aisyah (drums).

They have also been praised for their feminist critiques of conservative social values. These themes are prevalent in their songs, which take aim at the education system and environmental issues in Indonesia.

VOB’s debut single, School Revolution, racked up significant traction in the country and abroad, and the band have been invited to perform at several international festivals. They’ve also been mentioned in articles for renowned global outlets, including The New York Times, NPR and The Guardian.

Ultimately, their music is about achieving happiness and sharing it with others. Their message is clear: They want to see a more equal world where everyone can enjoy music, no matter their religion or gender. They’re a great example of a band that is empowering women in their community, and they’ve got the potential to reach an even larger audience overseas.

Slank Band Indonesia Go International

There are a number of Indonesian bands whose music has risen to international fame. However, one that stands out is Slank. They have been in existence for over 20 years, and are a definite icon of Indonesian Go International culture.

Slank’s musical style is unique in that it crosses genres and embraces both traditional Indonesian and Western styles of music. They often incorporate elements of blues, soul and punk into their sound.

They are also very proud of their creative independence from the mainstream music industry. They have a strong and passionate following in the underground and alternative music circles.

Their albums have received a string of ‘best selling album’ awards, and they maintain a steady presence in the commercial Top Ten listings. Some of their songs are soft, sentimental ballads such as ‘Terbunuh sepi’ (Killed by loneliness), whilst others are growling protest songs like ‘Generasi Biru’ (Blue Generation).

It is this mix that makes them stand out on the Indonesian music scene. Their fans, ‘SLANKERS’, are very loyal to the band.

Slank have also long been supportive of wildlife conservation in Indonesia, and they have worked with ProFauna to raise money for the organisation. In 2008, they were the first Indonesian band to perform on the ProFauna tour in Australia. This was in recognition of their support of the conservation organization and their ongoing efforts to help save wildlife in Indonesia.

Burgerkill Band Indonesia Go International

Burgerkill was formed in 1995 and has since been shaping the Indonesian underground metal scene. With a fanbase that’s growing in size every day, Burgerkill are more than just a local band; they represent something that reaches across Indonesia and beyond.

Despite the country’s reputation for being conservative and hard-line, metal bands have long been a staple of the Indonesian music scene. Their passion and talent have been rewarded with tours across Asia, Europe and the US.

One of the most important metal acts to emerge from Indonesia, Burgerkill have become veterans on the heavy metal stage. They’ve been a regular support act for international acts such as The Black Dahlia Murder, As I Lay Dying and Himsa.

Their first album – Dua Sisi – showcases the band’s leaning towards predominantly ‘Hardcore Metal’ and was well received in the underground scene. Their second ‘Berkarat’ and most recent ‘Beyond Coma and Despair’ are a marked departure from their previous efforts, exhibiting a more mature, complex and heavy sound that reflects the band’s maturity.

A major tragedy in the band’s history occurred in 2006 when founding vocalist Ivan Scumbag passed away. His death sparked a deep sense of grief in the group and it was reflected in the lyrics for their third album ‘Beyond Coma and Dispair’, which also paid tribute to Scumbag.

In the years since then, Burgerkill have completed their latest ‘Roar of Chaos’ album with new members Ronald and Agung Hellfrog replacing Vicky Mono and Toto. They’ve toured Indonesia and the United Kingdom on an unprecedented tour that has been more like a lap of honour than a promotional jaunt, bringing their music to a whole new audience.


Band Indonesia Go International Often referred to as “cinematic folk,” Bandung-based trio Tigapagi combines Sundanese pentatonic scales with chamber pop to create a brand of music that evokes cinematic storytelling. Their debut album, Roekmana’s Repertoire, is influenced by Elliott Smith and down-tempo guitar work like that of Antonio Carlos Jobim and Percy Faith.

The three-piece band consists of lyricist and vocalist Sigit Pramudita, guitarists Eko Sakti Oktavianto and Prima Dian Febrianto, and bassist Arie Wibowo. While each of them is well versed in a variety of musical styles, they all share a love of 1990s grunge and classical music from Beethoven and Mark Morton.

They also draw inspiration from the keroncong (simple folk songs from Spain) that influenced Indonesian music in the 1960s. This helps to create a sound that is classic yet very modern, with Tigapagi showcasing their versatility on their latest release.

Indonesia is a country that embraces its diverse cultures, and the spectrum of indie music it produces stretches wide. This is especially evident in a number of acts that do not shy away from voicing their political views or challenging the status quo.

There is a new generation of Indonesian artists who are not afraid to take their music into international venues. From avant-garde duo Senyawa to dance music hybrids Gabber Modus Operandi, these musicians have a strong DIY spirit and aren’t afraid to explore outside the box.


Band Indonesia Go International When we think of Indonesia’s music scene, we often imagine Jakarta-based groups. But the country is home to an underground scene, and it offers a lot more variety than you might think.

The independent music scene began to develop in the 1990s with venues that consistently gave young artists a chance to perform. These places, such as Cafe Mondo and Rossi Musik in Jakarta; Spasial in Bandung; and Malang’s Houtenhand, were instrumental in fostering a new generation of alternative artists.

While the independent scene in Indonesia may have largely died down in recent years, the country still produces some great bands. One such act is Silampukau, a duo from Surabaya who use storytelling-style vocals and acoustic guitars to perform folk songs about their hometown of Surabaya.

They recently toured in support of their latest album, Dendang Sangsi. Their style of folk is simple, but the lyrics speak volumes. They sing about failures, and in the song’s opening line, “Failures often have to be pardoned / for the illusion of oneness / for the facade of stability,” they make it clear that they’re not afraid to be honest.

The record is a mix of modern prog rock and folk that’s infused with gamelan percussion, making it a very relaxing listen. The lyrical themes are also very sweet and romantic, making it a must-listen for anyone who likes the genre.


Band Indonesia Go International When it comes to feeling good R&B, Indonesia has a whole bunch of talented acts that can help you chill by the pool or strut your stuff at an urban festival. Bands like Grrrl Gang and English Teacher have mastered the art of creating hooky anthems that make you want to jump, yell and let it all out.

These bands are for listeners who love knotty, dense lyrics but won’t compromise on the thrill of great hooks. They’re smart, funny and keen collaborative ambassadors for their local region, and they’re set to play a number of international festivals in 2022.

Their latest album KING OF SOUNDTRACK was released in October and it’s packed with songs that evoke a sense of the zeitgeist. They’re a must-listen for all music lovers.

With songs about re-building broken hearts and exorcising demons, this band are for those who like to have their eardrums rattled. They’re also for those who appreciate a bit of storytelling thrown in to their music.

Having played a fair share of gigs in and around the capital, this band have been working hard to gain recognition. Their uplifting songs are a reminder that it’s never too late to start over and find your passion again.

With a blend of edgy rock and indie pop, this group of three have honed their sound to suit the needs of their fans. Their catchy anthems paired with their tight musicianship are sure to be an instant hit.

Updated: Februari 7, 2023 — 2:55 am